Voice Profile

Vocal Profile

Voice Description

Warm • Conversational • Believable • Friendly • Engaging • Sincere • Professional • Genuine • Familiar • Caring • Convincing • Encouraging • Memorable • Versatile • Energizing and Inviting

Industry Niches

Corporate Training Narrations

Dan's naturally expressive voice and/or reassuring on-camera presence will help your customers, clients, employees, members and shareholders to fully engage in the materials for optimal user experience and retention including:

• Management training videos
• Safety training videos
• Orientation videos
• Software tutorials
• Recruiting videos
• Event and trade show videos
• Marketing and sales videos

Special Skills

Earprompter, Teleprompter, Interviewing, Reporting, Looping, Anchoring, Public Speaking, Musician and Emceeing


Biography Dan McComas

Are you looking for a unique male voice or on-camera spokesperson for your project? 

Dan’s warm, relatable and sincere voice-over and on-camera style speak directly and personally to each member of your audience for emotionally engaging messages that motivate and stick! 

He’s a business communications specialist with over 25 years as a voice-over talent, news anchor and reporter, advertising copywriter, speaker and live event host and announcer.

Dan will help you maximize the success of your next project. His sense of humor, likeability and relaxed on-mic, on-camera and on-stage style, and warm, authoritative voice make him the ideal spokesman to reach your target audience with high impact and memorable messages. 

With the use of the Ear prompter or Teleprompter, Dan’s engaging reads bring efficiency to your project. He’s a true professional on the set, directable, affable and easy to work with. Dan works hard to find the voice and intent of the writer’s message to intimately connect it with the emotions of your audience.

Whether it's voice-over commercials, on-camera narration, television spots, trade shows, fundraisers, e-learning, or corporate training videos, you can rely on Dan to communicate messages that get results!

Home Studio

Home Studio

Dan has a professional home recording studio to meet tight deadlines and creatively collaborate with clients locally, nationally and internationally. If your project requires in-house recording or on-camera location shoots, Dan will travel to your destination.

Studio Capabilities

• Broadcast Quality Home Studio
• Formats: WAV, MP3, AIFF
• Delivery via email or FTP

Script Services

Script Services

As a copywriter over the years, I have written brochures, radio and TV spots, narration scripts, speeches, magazine and newspaper articles, promos, etc. Many of the client scripts I see are well researched and well written and rarely need content revisions.

However, some sections may need minor edits to be more accessible to your audience. If requested, I will review sections of the script that may need to sound more conversational ("writing for the ear") and make suggestions for improvement. It's critical for listeners and viewers to feel like we are talking to them and not reading at them. There is no additional charge for this service.

On-Camera Work

Professional Experience

Production companies, film studios, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, government offices and corporations rely on Dan to provide voice-overs, on-camera and live presentations to enhance their projects and set their clients apart.

Voice-Over Artist

:: Learn About Dan's Voice Talents ::

Voice Specialties

• TV and Radio Commercials
• Industrial Narration
• Corporate Video Narration
• Documentary Narration
• Medical Narration
• Book Narration
• IVR, Voicemail, Phone Systems, On-Hold Messages
• Multi-Media Tutorials
• Video Games
• Podcasts
• E-Learning
• Public Service Announcements
• Politicals
• Looping
• Radio/TV Imaging

On-Camera Talent

:: More About Dan On Camera ::

On-Camera Narrator & Spokesperson
(Teleprompter & Ear Prompter)

• Corporate Videos
• TV Commercials
• Newscaster
• Video News Releases
• Educational Media
• Web-Based Training
• Television Host
• Interviewer
• Infomercials

Live Events

:: About Dan McComas Live ::

Live Events Specialties

• Corporate Spokesperson
• Emcee/Host
• Sales Rallies
• Live Announcer (off camera), Banquets, Ceremonies, Celebrations
• Interviewer
• Speaker and Trainer
• Panel Moderator
• Trade Shows
• Conventions
• Corporate Meetings

Client Testimonials

"...The professionalism and expertise that Dan contributed to this project was invaluable...

— Anne | United BioSource Corporation

"Dan McComas is the consummate professional. He is a great on camera presence that brings top quality talent to any production...Dan will make your production the best it can be...."

— Ken Arnold | Studio 333

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"It was a pleasure to collaborate with Dan on a recent project developing an educational/training program. His voice talent fit all the parameters for the project and he mastered intricate, technical terminology in very short order! The professionalism and expertise that Dan contributed to this project was invaluable. He made my job a lot easier and required very minimal direction even though the subject matter was new territory for Dan. In the handful of instances where my direction was required, Dan incorporated the comments and adapted to the new direction seamlessly. I look forward to another opportunity to collaborate with him!"

— Anne | United BioSource Corporation

"Dan McComas is the consummate professional. He is a great on camera presence that brings top quality talent to any production. Fun to work with, ready to perform and a great collaborator, Dan will make your production the best it can be. Our shoot with Dan was on a cold, wet and breezy day in Baltimore and Dan remained patient, professional and kept the shoot fun. He’s an awesome performer to work with. I highly recommend his talents for your projects!"

— Ken Arnold | Studio 333

Contact Information

phone 703-424-5254
skype danmccomas
email danmccomas@gmail.com
location Washington, DC area

Demo Player

Thanks for listening to my talking business card!

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American Red Cross • Pulte Homes • Giant Food • Cephalon •
ABC • NBC • Wachovia Bank • Thomas Cook Travelers Checks • The World Bank • UNITED ASSOCIATION - Union of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders and HVAC Service Techs • Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Ass'n...and many more!

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